Is it the right way?

We live here, in world full of noise, Full of fears, of duties, of stress, of false friends But is it ours? Do we really like this? Where are the dreams we had, when we were little kinds? Where are all the plans, we made, before we knew, what life really is? Where are they, did they got lost in time? Did the got lost in this damn society? Do you still know, you've promised yourself to get pilot once a day? But what are you now? You're just one of these lying investment bankers... Do you still know, you've promised your grandma not to lie? Whats with you now, you're lying nearly the whole day, to unsuspecting people, Saying them fonds are good, the'll make money, even it will never come true Is this really what you're standing for? Is this really your life, you're living? Where are your dreams, hopes, fears from earlier times? Did they got lost in time? Did the got lost in this damn society? What would you tell your grandchildren, when they ask you, "Grandpa, was your life a lucky life?" Would you tell them "yes", even you've never had the chance to live up your dreams? Or, would you really tell them "no", i've lived for society? Would you lie to them? What will you say? Or would you just run away?

9.5.14 22:38

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